Customised access and sharing - take control of your learning with Hero.

We caught wind that 2021 is bringing a fresh wave of Hero releases. With this in mind, we’ve been busy mapping our Heroic itinerary, and setting our sails towards destination #1: Professional Learning Journeys - the key to becoming the captain of your journey as an educator.

Hero supports customised sharing of student learning journeys school-wide. However, it has become clear to us that many would like to share professional learning selectively amongst staff.

You choose who sees what!

Staff pages can be enabled for all staff to view in a school. Now each staff member can control who else can view and contribute to their professional learning. You may limit access to a formal appraisal page to your principal and team leader, whilst an inquiry or a professional reflections page may be shared with a colleague or coach. With the new Professional Learning Journeys feature, you have agency over who supports you on your journey.

Being a team of former educators ourselves, we know that your journey through the school year requires careful planning, tracking, and collaboration. It’s important that you have the tools to get there. The team at Hero look forward to navigating the year ahead with you, and mapping new feature destinations - making your trip first class and customisable. 

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