In response to the government’s COVID-19 Alert Level 3 announcement in Auckland, LINC-ED Hero’s new feature - Super Simple Survey - can be accessed to manage bubble and well-being data for our schools.

Schools need daily bubble data

Right now, under Alert Level 3, schools face the dual challenge of planning and managing at-home learning alongside onsite learning for students whose caregivers are essential workers. This may change regularly, and up-to-date information needs to be readily available.

Use our Super Simple Survey to make this process easy!

Step 1 - Create a new Community Feed post with important information, a key question and response options.

Step 2 - Send to the caregivers of your whole school.

Step 3 - Data is automated, feeding back into Hero SIS and clearly visible in table format.

Step 4 - Create groups based on responses through the click of a button.

Step 5 - Groups can be viewed by staff.

NOTE: a “No Response” group is automatically generated and the survey can be re-sent to these caregivers as appropriate.

Sample survey:

Image by: LINC-ED Hero

Without the right tools, the logistics of gathering, recording and keeping this information is a highly manual administrative nightmare and challenging for all staff to access.

Well-being data:

The unpredictable nature of Covid is impacting young people in various ways. You can either survey caregivers or the students themselves about how they are feeling at this time.

Sample survey:

Image by: LINC-ED Hero

  1. My son/daughter is upbeat and positive. No concerns.

  2. My son/daughter is nervous but is talking with us and we are supporting him/her at home.

  3. My son/daughter has heightened anxiety at this time and we would welcome the opportunity to talk with his/her teacher.

You can also extend your well-being tracking by assigning the value “Covid Tracking” to a flag, page, or a field for the students requiring ongoing monitoring and support. As we move to an online environment, smart systems become essential. 

Home-Learning data:

Teachers can survey students about their understanding of home learning tasks to gather information and offer additional support

“Do you need help with understanding this task?”

  1. Yes, I’m a bit stuck.

  2. No, I understand what to do.

The Super Simple Survey feature has been designed to assist the Heroes in our schools support their students and families.

If you are interested in learning more about Hero's online communication, reporting and New Zealand Ministry of Education approved Student Management Solution please get in touch at!