Premier: it's our most comprehensive package to date, and when paired with our new Hero app - they're a combination that pack a powerful punch.

Standing still isn’t in our repertoire at Hero HQ. As a team whose Heroic schools are at the forefront of what we do, we are continuously pursuing what it takes to provide the best possible solution for our users. That’s why last year, when we felt a familiar itch in our capes, we knew it was time to deliver something revolutionary. We call it Premier, our most comprehensive package to date, and when paired with our new Hero app - it’s a combination that packs a powerful punch. Let us give you the full rundown!

Built by us, to benefit you.

We have designed this package to not only look the part, but play the part too. Featuring a clean and intuitive interface, matched with robust functionality - the Premier package is loaded with Heroic benefits for schools, including:

Absence notifications

Parents and caregivers can send notifications when a child is sick or going to be late! This works to reduce both the home administration for parents, and the number of places school administration staff need to check to receive information about absent students.

Community surveys and trip permissions

Parents and caregivers can read notices sent to the class or groups that their child(ren) is a part of. They can comment on these posts, and respond to single question surveys (such as a trip permission) - if the school has enabled these features.

School term dates

Parents can see term dates, the weeks within a term, and days a school is open/closed at a glance. This means parents wanting to book holidays or special events don’t have to search the school website or MoE webpage to find this information.

School calendar

Schools can embed a publicly shared Google calendar so that parents can view events on each school day, ensuring that their child is prepared.

Landing page

All information is centralised in one place via a landing page. Links can be added to your school’s website, Hail, your school’s policies and procedures webpage, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Kindo payables.

Features of Heroic proportions, bundled into one easy-to-manage app.

The benefits of Premier take flight when used through the new Hero app. Keeping all of your school communications and learning information in one place, the app is your on-the-go solution for staying updated. Many schools are already experiencing the combined powers of Premier and the app, with a growing number auditing their use of additional apps and services.

App Review - Parent, 23 Feb, 2021
One app to rule them all!
“Has been great receiving school notifications instantly, especially where the kids have had school trips cancelled on the day due to bad weather. Its been much easier having all communication in one spot instead of what used to be fractured across Facebook, email, Hail, Twitter, Schoolappnz and Seesaw!”

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Want to leap into the world of Premier? Get in touch with our helpdesk team via ‘?’ > Contact Us button in your Hero site.