Online Schooling with Hero

Schools are so much more than merely a place where children learn to read and write. Our schools provide young people with a place to feel safe, secure, and above all, they provide a sense of connection and community.

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    Prepare your site for parents to log in.

    Ensure all parent contacts have a valid email address and have the following setting turned on:

    Set options for what parents can see

    Guide for parents on how to sign into their Hero account

  2. 2
    Prepare your site for students to log in.

    What: To do this, "student access settings" need to be turned on and students need a unique email address.

    How:

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    Set up a ‘Home Learning’ page or pages for students to post to

    What: Your school can set up a page where students can post work or add reflections. Having this new page will enable content to sit separately from reporting.

    How: This article includes instructions on how to set up a new page Read more...

  4. 4
    Add sentence starters for posts

    What: Within the setup of a page is a section called ‘About This Page’. Here you can add information such as guidelines for posting or sentence starters to support students with their use of the software. This will show as a link to a pop-up box.

    How: >Adding About this Page Information

  5. 5
    Revisit your Digital Safety Agreement

    In preparation for students accessing online tools more independently, you may wish to revisit your school’s cyber safety agreement to review guidelines and expectations. This can be posted in your “About this page” so that it is front and centre for all students.

  6. 6
    Support your teachers and support staff to prepare in the event of online schooling

    What: Ensure teachers are confident using the Hero software by reading the articles in the Hero for Teachers guide.

    How: Within Hero, you can find them at Quick links> Hero Guides> Teachers

    NOTE: knowing how to create groups will be a powerful tool.

    You may also like to help them become familiar with tools such as Google Hangout or Zoom and the G-Suite apps.

  7. 7
    Bring your students up to speed with Hero

    What: Ensure all students have either logged into Hero via their browser and bookmarked the URL or have downloaded the app from the app store onto their device.

    How: Sign in to your Hero account

    Please contact our helpdesk team for any support with setting up student and parent accounts using the help button (?) in your site.

  8. 8
    Making learning visible

    What: In the event of school closures, parents may need to support their children’s learning more closely. This is an opportunity for schools to make learning visible. Your teachers can start preparing home learning tasks now.

    How: Suggestions for this include:

    • Discuss ways in which you can continue to bring your community together online. For example, consider ways in which your school leaders can remain connected to your students through messages. This could include video messages or connecting with your school community via Zoom for a virtual assembly.
    • Let’s dance! At a specific time of the day the school shares a favourite song (with video) and puts the shout out to all students to get up and dance… Go Noodle is a helpful resource.
    • Bring support staff in the loop and discuss learning opportunities for students eg) an online book club to be held by the school librarian.
    • School wide challenges for interest groups such as art, physical activity and science challenges and have students share their experiences using photo and video.
    • Joke of the day from the principal that is posted every morning at the same time so the children look forward to logging in and seeing what is waiting for them.
    • Dab it out at 3pm Friday.

  9. 9
    Tips for making learning visible

    What: In the event of online schooling, parents may need to support their children’s learning more closely. This is an opportunity for schools to make learning visible.

    How: Some suggestions for staff preparing home learning tasks now might include...

    • Create a “take-home” pack for students with resources such as library books, seeds for gardening, ingredients for cooking, basic art supplies or a list of basics for the home.
    • Practise holding a Google Hangout or Zoom video conference with small groups of students and staff.
    • Create flipped learning videos to introduce learning tasks. These can be recorded directly onto your device and uploaded to a post within Hero.
    • Compile a list of websites and learning apps and games for students to engage with.
    • Compile a selection of external online competitions to enter eg) writing competitions etc.
    • Plan or co-create with students a range of learning tasks for each curriculum area that can be worked on at home.

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