LINC-ED has a new product range!

Hero is a powerful and secure online sharing platform that can be customised to reflect the curriculum, vision and values of any school. Built by teachers, school leaders and parents to help schools reduce workload, increase student agency and support parents to understand progress.

Hero packages allow schools to add functionality when they need to and caters for schools who want to start small with sharing through to a fully featured, complete student information system!

Say ‘Hello’ to Hero…

LINC-ED is still going to be our parent company name. However, our flagship online sharing, reporting and billing platform is going to be known as ‘Hero’.

…and Kia Ora to mobile!

We’ve been listening to your feedback, and one of the big changes on its way is a new mobile app with in-app notifications, which will be downloadable from the app stores (Google Play and Apple App Store).

As well as a suite of product options.

This is also as a result of user feedback. We have created the Hero Suite of products. Giving schools the option to add functionality depending on their needs and budget.

Super Hero  - This app is our core product. All the portfolio posting and sharing functionality you know and love in a platform that is simple, secure and smart.

Hero Duo - Schools can add this robust online, real-time reporting tool to share and track student’s progress across the curriculum. Flexible and customisable, it caters to your school’s individual needs.

Hero Suite - Helping you to fulfil the New Zealand Ministry of Education’s student management requirements. Includes the pupil billing features that are the easiest way to manage financial transactions between parents and school. Turn this feature on, at no extra cost to you with online payments activated, to access great billing features and with zero pressure for parents to use it either - it is merely there to provide them (and you) with choice.

Coming in 2020

Hero Premier - Adding extra functionality to our app including the school calendar, absence notifications and integrated permission slips.

Hero has been designed with the same style and functionality that our LINC-ED users know and love. The user interface has a similar look and feel. Rather than making radical changes, we have merely made enhancements which have been in response to user feedback to provide schools with even more choice.

The most significant upgrade is Hero’s mobile app, with in-app notifications providing an enhanced experience for parents and caregivers. This has been the single most requested feature and we have delivered.

Key Features:

Mobile app with push notifications

Available from The App Store and Google Play, our mobile app helps schools to communicate quickly and ectively via push notifications. Schools can push notifications to parents via any student groupings so that the message always gets through.


This feature is available in: Super Duo Suite Premier

Targeted parent notices

Parent notices can be targeted to any groupings that you like so that people get the information they need and nothing that they don’t! Parent accounts are automatically set up and managed by the school so that the message is sent is timely and useful.


This feature is available in: Super Duo Suite Premier

Use any curriculum to report and track progress

Whichever curriculum, or combination of curricular, you use can be loaded into Hero for your teachers and students to use. Hero provides templates for the UK, Australian and New Zealand curriculums and we are adding more templates all the time. Schools can adapt and extend these to meet their own needs or even add completely bespoke curriculum progressions, milestones and expectations.


This feature is available in: Duo Suite Premier


Whether it is a group of 3 students or the whole school, all groups in Hero include the powerful insights page. Insights include analysis of demographics, content, tags, assessments, progress and attendance. Insights are designed as the starting point for making data driven decisions that make a difference.


This feature is available in: Duo Suite Premier

Personalised student goal setting and evidence collection

Schools can set a structure for individualised student goal setting. Once set all current goals are available for the student to share evidence against, building student agency. Evidence based assessment that is personalised to each student.


This feature is available in: Duo Suite Premier