Hero - sponsorship

Encourage others to be the Hero that offsets your cost. The new Hero app gives your school the chance to leverage sponsorship opportunities with local businesses. Local heroes can support your school by promoting their timely messages through Hero.

Hero Sponsorship

Through the Hero app, parents and caregivers will regularly see notices, student learning and payment information. This provides schools with the ability to leverage sponsorship opportunities within the school community, and provide success metrics for sponsors.

Better than a banner on the school gate, better than a logo on the website, Hero sponsorship shines a light upon companies and organisations committed to helping your school and community.

Advertising space = funds raised

The Hero app provides a placeholder so schools can add an image and link to a special sponsorship section on school notices/newsletter page. For example, a local business may wish to buy this space from the school for a period of time knowing that parents in the school will access this information frequently. Schools can update these messages as often as they want, and can use this as an ongoing fundraising platform!

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