Launching Hero at your school - Professional Learning

Professional learning, development and growth is key to a successful school and it is important to build a manageable and purposeful structure and plan for this. Hero provides staff members with flexible options for recording their own learning journeys, reflections and plans. This action plan is designed to support school leaders to implement a robust professional learning plan embedded into Hero so that student and staff learning is in a single place.

Hero resource packs


Get ready for action!

    • Prepare Hero so that your settings align with your professional learning plan.


Build understanding!

    • Build buy-in to your plan so that staff can engage in quality conversations about their practice and student progress.


Implement your plan

    • Establish expectations and structures to encourage learning conversations between staff within different teams.


Review, rework and inspire!

    • Build in regular review opportunities to ensure that your processes are sustainable, manageable and that they are making a positive difference.